Why you should choose 1600 Cyber International for Your Cyber Security Needs

You'll be a CISSP or CSX Practitioner trained and certified faster. Consider choosing us for your Cyber Security Training:

  1. If you do not pass the exam the first time, you can train again free.
  2. Included in the price are course materials, meals, coffee, beverages, and refreshments throughout the day. The classroom will be comfortable and the environment perfect for learning.
  3. Our classes provide a combination of theory and real-world applicability. This is NOT 8 hours of boring slides and lecture. Our trainers have the real world experience to deliver an interactive, outstanding, authentic learning journey.
  4. You always leave our courses READY to contribute to protect and increase your organization’s cyber readiness. We do NOT believe instruction can be effective without a good mixture of hands-on, workshops, practice tests, and real world examples.